Are Hilton Grand Vacations Club Elite Benefits Worth The Price?

When purchasing Hilton properties, one of the most notable differences between buying resale and buying direct from the developer is that buying direct can provide you with Elite Status, which allows for a few additional benefits for ownerships 14,000 points and above. However, it is important to learn about what exact benefits Elite status will provide for you as an owner, and see if it’s worth foregoing the marked down prices you are able to find on the Hilton resale market. Within this article, we’ll go over what Elite status is, and hopefully help you determine if Hilton Grand Vacations Club Elite benefits are worth the price.

What is Elite Status, and Who Qualifies?

Elite Status is an additional list of benefits that are available with Hilton Grand Vacation Club ownership. In this article, we’ll be discussing primarily the standard Elite Status, as that is what comes included with a developer-bought HGVC ownership, but know that Elite Status is broken up into a few different tiers: Elite (14,000 points), Elite Plus (24,000 points), and Elite Premier (34,000 points). In order to access Elite Status, you need to purchase directly from the developer, and you must purchase over 14,000 Club Points, this means Elite status is relegated to only the most expensive HGVC ownerships.

What are Elite Status Benefits?


Elite-Only Booking

When booking your Hilton Grand Vacation Club property, you are able to use both an Elite only website, as well as an Elite only phone line to book your resort. These dedicated options are meant to generate less congestion and allow you to book your property faster, with smaller intervals of wait or hold time.

Additionally, when checking in you are also able to take advantage of a dedicated check-in area for your Elite membership, as well as an Elite only room key for some Hilton properties.


King’s Land Clubhouse

Outside of booking and check-in opportunities, Elite Status also provides owners with the ability to access King’s Land Clubhouse whenever they stay at Waikoloa Beach Resort or The Bay Club.



  • Eligible for discounts on merchandise within the HGVC online store
  • Discounts on some HGVC partner services like RVs, cruises & guided tours
  • You will be charged $39 (as of 2014) as opposed to the standard cost of $49
  • No fee for booking a 7 consecutive night stay
  • Save 10% on Open Season Reservations

Is Elite Ultimately Worth the Price?Is it Ultimately Worth the Price?

Deciding whether or not Elite Status is worth the price is ultimately up to you as the consumer. On one side of the spectrum, you have many HGVC buyers who are looking for the best value they can come by, which can be serviced very effectively by purchasing a resale. Alternatively, you have those who are seeking the highest benefits possible with little price sensitivity, which would lean towards buying at the presentation, but keep in mind, unless you’re buying 14,000 points or above, you won’t be eligible for Elite Status whether you are buying retail or not.

When weighing the benefits with Elite status against the costs of purchasing the property at full retail price, we’ve found that many owners would be better suited to simply buy resale. Many owners tell us this is mostly because the savings they were able to find on a resale property far outweigh the benefits of Elite Status membership to them.

The true benefit of the Elite Status membership would not be found in the monetary savings that you gain with the membership, but rather with additional perks such as exclusive access to resort features. These are features for those who wish to access the most from their timeshare resort and be able to enjoy every facet of the property.


With a more well-rounded understanding of how Elite status works, as well as its costs and benefits, you can be better equipped to make the final decision for your purchase and decide if resale or direct works best for you. If you have any additional questions regarding Elite status and it’s benefits, feel free to contact us to speak with a licensed agent who can better assist you. Visit and fill in a form to get started!