What is the Resale Value of a Hilton Timeshare? (Video)

Learn more about the factors that determine an HGVC timeshare’s value on the resale market. Watch our video guide to assessing the value of your Hilton timeshare property.



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Hi, I’m David from SellingTimeshares.Net, and you’re probably watching this video because you’re curious about Hilton Timeshares, and want to know more about their value on the resale market.

So, in this video I’ll try to give a rough idea of what to expect on the resale market.

What is A Resale?

  • When a timeshare is purchased from a presentation, or resort tour, this can be described as a retail timeshare.
  • For resale timeshares, the seller is either an owner who purchased a retail timeshare or brokers
  • When an owner who purchased retail goes to sell, they should not expect to recoup the price that was paid initially.
  • You can learn more about why Hilton timeshares sell for less on the resale market by watching the truth about timeshare presentations.

The Value of A Particular Unit

As you may know, each owner initially purchases a specific Home Week, and their week is allocated points based on the resort, unit size, and season.

  • resort location
  • unit size
  • season
  • maintenance fee + taxes

Based on these attributes, ownerships will vary in value. Market prices can also fluctuate from year to year or quarter to quarter, and to make it even more complicated there’s one more huge caveat, that we’re saving to explain until the end of this video. So to get it out of the way, and disappoint you now, we’ll just let you know we won’t be including any exact numbers in this video, but we will be adding a link to our current Hilton timeshare listings, where you can see up-to-date prices on Hilton timeshare for sale right now.

The Huge Caveat, Right of First Refusal

  • Hilton’s right of first refusal, or ROFR clause, is written into every HGVC ownership contract. So, when an owner sells their unit on the secondary resale market, they have to inform Hilton by sending the purchase agreement for their review.
  • The purchase agreement will state that the unit is being sold, as well as the price the buyer will pay. Hilton has about 30 days to review the contract, and decide whether or not to refuse the sale by purchasing the unit themselves, at the contracted price.
  • Alternatively, Hilton can choose to waive their right, and allow the purchase to proceed. Basically, this is a long way of saying Hilton has the right to buy each and every unit sold on the resale market themselves, or let the third-party buyer complete their purchase, as contracted.
  • The process is pretty straight forward for both the buyer and seller, but
  • Using a broker to either help price your unit for sale, or find an appropriate price for you as a buyer can help to avoid Hilton buying the unit back.
  • Some lesser-known, or lower-quality, timeshares are nearly given away because their market value has diminished so low, the fees it would take to sell the ownership exceed the value of the ownership itself.

HGVC units aren’t likely to experience this problem, as Hilton ensures the owner’s value through the process of buying back units that sell for too little. This means, buyers will choose to offer sellers a higher offer than what Hilton will offer, if they wish to successfully transfer the ownership.

If you’d like more info, check out our YouTube video on Right of First Refusal and learn more about this interesting twist on how Hilton resale value is determined.

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