Open Season

A Hilton Grand Vacations Club specific term that describes the Hilton owners ability to extend their ownership by renting reservations while pay cash for the reservation without using their points. To read more about Hilton Open Season, click here.

Within 30 days of the checkout date, the owner can rent a timeshare unit. There is no limit to how many times this can be done, but only one reservation at a time is allowed.

Open Season is a great way for Hilton Timeshare owners to get more vacation time without upgrading their annual points allotment. Open Season reservations can be made in any suit type available at The Hilton Club during a period of time referred to as “Open Season Reservation Window” which occurs 30 days prior to check-out and 1 day prior to check-in and may require a minimum night stay utilizing a special member cash rental rate.

Rental rates are per night and are subject to availability and changes. Open Season rentals are for the benefit of Members and their immediate family only.

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