Marriott Vacation Club Exchange Opportunities

Marriott has an extensive amount of properties in their Vacation Club. If you’re looking to spice up your vacation, you can choose to visit another location outside of Marriott Vacation Club or just another location within the Marriott system. The more options you have, the better chance you have at getting the perfect vacation for you and your family. Using timeshare exchange companies such as Interval International (II) and SFX, you can use your Marriott weeks to go anywhere in the world.

Exchange Opportunities for your Ownership

Using an exchange company greatly increases your ability to find a vacation that you are looking for. Marriott is a highly desired brand and trades well on the exchange market. This means you can get more, “bang for your buck.” Based on the desirability of your season and location of your Marriott timeshare ownership, referred to as trading power, you can trade for another week somewhere else. Even with another high-end brands such as Hilton, Disney, Westin and many others.

How to get the Best Exchange

Your ability to get your desired trade is based on availability within the exchange company’s inventory as well as your trading power. If another owner has not yet deposit a week at the property you want, you won’t be able to trade into that resort. Because there are literally thousands of resorts affiliated with each exchange company, there will generally be inventory for the location you want, but going to the specific resort you want might take some forethought if it’s a popular resort at a popular time. It is also important to deposit your week early. If you deposit early, that will give yourself and your exchange company time to find a reservation that will match your vacation criteria. SFX is a boutique exchange company and will have other properties that II or RCI may not have available.

More Safe Than Renting

Using an exchange company will also ease the stress of finding someone to rent your week on forums or craigslist. An exchange company will also be safer than renting because the person who is using your timeshare will be held responsible for the unit as if it were their own. On top of safety, the fact that you will be getting a vacation of your choice without worrying about collecting fees from a renter and using those fees to purchase a separate vacation.

If you have any questions about Marriott timeshare exchanges, please feel free to contact us.