Exchange Companies

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What is a timeshare?

Extend Your Ownership With Exchange Companies

San Francisco Exchange Company (SFX) 1-800-739-9969

SFX Preferred Resorts (The San Francisco Exchange Company) is a vacation exchange service for timeshare owners who own preferred quality resorts in high demand locations within Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, United States, Western Europe and many other global regions.

Because SFX specializes in resorts with the industry’s highest designated quality ratings, you have a greater assurance of consistency of quality for your vacation exchange.

Interval International 1-800-634-3415 | 305-666-1884

Interval International operates membership programs for vacation owners and provides value-added services to its developer clients worldwide. Based in Miami, Florida, the company has been a pioneer and innovator in serving the vacation ownership market for more than 30 years.

RCI 1-800-338-7777 | 317-805-9941

In 1974, RCI pioneered the concept of exchange vacations. Since then, millions of timeshare owners have discovered that an RCI subscribing membership really enhances the quality of vacation ownership.

Today, RCI has more than three million members worldwide, who enjoy dream vacations at RCI’s over 3,700 affiliated resorts. These timeshare owners and resorts are a unique community of travel enthusiasts with the common bond of a lifetime commitment to quality vacations through timeshare. RCI members benefit from the knowledge, experience and resources of RCI’s Guides, who provide assistance in the planning of exchange vacations.

HGVC 1-800-932-4482 | 407-722-3141

Hilton Grand Vacation Club (HGVC) specializes in time share resorts throughout the world. Call or click for reservations any of the Hilton Clubs, Hilton Hotels or RCI resorts.


Hilton Grand Vacations Club 1-800-932-4482 | 407-722-3141
Marriott Vacation Club 1-800-845-4226 | 801-832-4534
Disney Vacation Club 1-800-800-9800 | 407-566-3800
Hyatt Vacation Club 1-800-GO-HYATT | 305-668-3406

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