How To Book Marriott Vacation Club Reservations – Online / Over the Phone

Marriott Vacations Club lets owners have the option of booking their Marriott reservations online or by phone. Whether you are refreshing the page at 5:59 am Pacific Standard time or calling in to make a reservation last minute, Marriott lets you use the method based on your personal preference.

Booking Marriott Reservations Online

Marriott’s online reservation system is extremely efficient for owners. Within minutes of logging on, you can have your reservation booked and confirmed. To use the my-vacationclub website, you must be booking within the 12-month reservation window or using Destination Club points. Owners that are trying to book during the 13-month window should call in, to make those reservations and will need to book multi-weeks that are consecutive or concurrent.

Consecutive weeks don’t have to be the same day of a check-out to check in. If you want to book your trip from Friday to Friday, you can check into your next resort on that Saturday, if you desire. A note, 50% of inventory is released to multi-week owners 13 months prior and the other 50% is released one year prior to the Thursday before that check-in week. An example is that if you wanted to book for Friday April 20th, 2015, that week would be available Wednesday April 19th, 2014 because April 19th, 2015 is the Thursday prior your desired check-in.

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Owners that try to book their weeks online, during the 13-month window, can use a link on This will send a request and you will receive a notice that your request is pending and to wait for a representative to call and confirm the reservation. While this request is pending, you have not locked in your reservation and it may become unavailable during the time it takes for a representative to call you. During high-demand intervals, you are less likely to get the booking this way.

Calling to make the reservation is the best way to book those weeks 13 months out.

Online Reservation Confirmation

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Marriott Reservations By Phone

If you have questions about making a reservation or need to make a request for special accommodations, the Marriott Members phone number is the best way to have all of your needs met. If you are calling to make special accommodations, it is important to call ahead of time to the member’s phone number but it is also key to call the resort you are visiting as well. Marriott prides themselves on the quality of their customer service and sometimes mistakes happen. By calling the resort a few days before arrival, you can ensure that those accommodations will be met. You may also want to call in to request specific views or to be located near other members that are traveling during the same week. These requests should be made at the time of booking with owner services but you should also call in to the resort about one week before check-in to see if they can accommodate you.

If you are afraid that your internet is too slow or that the website might be slow during peak reservation times, you can just call to make your reservation. High demand weeks go extremely quickly and getting in early is the key. For lower demand weeks, owners don’t need to call in at 6:00 AM PST on the dot to book 12 months in advance. It can ensure you get your desired week but may not totally be necessary.


Many owners are concerned about the availability of weeks. As previously mentioned, some weeks will go faster than others. High demand weeks can be grabbed up within minutes from when they first become available. If you are trying to book a high demand week and want to have the best shot of getting your desired week, booking online may be your best bet. Some owners have reported getting their reservation booked and confirmed within a minute. Not everyone’s experience is going to be the same but booking online tends to be the faster option.

Not having availability is something that may come up during your usage of your timeshare ownership. Some helpful tips is to buy two weeks to take advantage of the 13 month reservation policy with Marriott, these two weeks do not have to be at the same property. Often people will buy two weeks, one where they want to travel to and another that is less expensive to trade through Interval International. Buying at the location you want to travel to is another way to give yourself the best chance of getting the week you desire. Trading for a location is not guaranteed and owners need to be flexible when looking to trade. If you own the property that you are going to be vacationing at primarily, then you have less to worry about, in terms of having the availability. Owning premium weeks is another option that may be beneficial.

Every Owner Is Different

Owning a premium week or buying two weeks together is a larger financial investment and should be considered carefully. There’s no one specific trick that will work with every owner. Depending on how flexible your travel dates can be or if you do or do not want to go back to the same property each year, these and other factors contribute to the location and season you should purchase. Click here if you want to read about how you can choose the right vacation for you and your family.

Destination Club

Available Marriott Destinations Points

Destination Club by Marriott would appeal to owners that frequently trade and enjoy traveling to different properties. The Marriott Destination Club Points system is a percentage of an interest to a trust. Ownership in Destination Club works by booking your reservation out of a pool of available resorts that are owned by the trust.

Since you do not own one specific property, this might be beneficial for owners who would like to go to different locations every year. The benefit is that since you have ownership in numerous properties, you can make a reservation at any of the properties that have availability. The disadvantage is that if you want to travel to the same location, such as Marriott Newport Coast Villas, may be harder to book your availability every year.

If you would like more information about the Marriott Vacation Club, feel free to give us a call or contact us via our website.