WorldMark Sales: Get Credits on the Timeshare Resale Market

Published by David Van Norman


WorldMark Sales Help You Vacation for Less

Our company has been involved in WorldMark credit resales since we formed in 2005. WorldMark resale has offered luxury vacations to many families that wouldn’t normally be able to afford getting away, and have taken the strain off of many company’s travel budgets as well. If you are the type of person who knows they will be traveling at least once each year, the reasonable pricing of resale timeshares in today’s market makes this an excellent time to aquire cheap vacations for life.

10 Reasons to Buy WorldMark Resales on the Secondary Market

Why Would You Buy A Resale Timeshare?

To many people there is a natural aversion to timeshares. You envision pushy sales-people, gimmicky gifts, and a scammy product that has no actual value, right? Well… its true, the sales-people do stretch the truth, and the “gifts” can end up costing you more than you think… but does that mean all timeshares are bad?

You may be surprised to see just how many people regularly use their ownerships and get amazing reservations for very little money, especially in comparison to buying a retail timeshare at a presentation. Owners who choose to purchase on the resale market save literally thousands, sometimes as high as 75% off retail price. This is a great value, especially when the timeshare can be used throughout a lifetime, then willed to your children for their future use.

How Do Resale Credits Work?

Our brokerage deals in Premier WorldMark Annual Credits. This means once the transfer is complete, you will continue to receive WorldMark credits for as long as you own the account. You are purchasing from an existing owner who wishes to resell their interest in the timeshare, and we will ensure you receive full disclosure on the loan status, maintenance fees, the number of credits available, and all other attributes of the ownership you select from our listings page.

Is Resale Actually Better?

Many of the issues with the retail timeshare presentation model can be attributed to the depreciation of the ownerships. One way to understand what’s happening here is to think about what happens when you buy a car. Once the car rolls off the lot, thousands of dollars of depreciation have set in. The car is now used. 

Timeshares on the resale market are similar, in that, a certain amount of the retail price that was paid by the original owner, is charged because of the costs of the developer’s marketing expenses, and can not realistically be recouped on the resale market. What this means is that buying resale credits ensures you pay only for the value of the ownership, and not the marketing costs incurred by a lavish, often wasteful presentation system.


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