WorldMark Resale, Welcome to WorldMark by Wyndham

Published by David Van Norman

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Get Educated About WorldMark Resale Timeshare

What is WorldMark Resale?

WorldMark is one of the largest vacation ownership networks available in today’s resale market. This vacation club is comprised of over 60 resorts networked together, that are located in some of the most sought-after location across the US, Canada and Mexico. WorldMark uses a points-based approach that offers owners ultimate flexibility. Your points can be traded through SFX (San Francisco Exchange), II (Interval International), and RCI (Resort Condominium International).

With so many owners choosing to invest in this product you may ask yourself…

Why Buy a WorldMark Timeshare Resale?

Two words: WorldMark Resorts. The WorldMark resorts are absolutely beautiful, and situated in all the places you would want to take your family and friends. You can enjoy vacations that you never thought were possible and have the ability to trade your credits for over 6,000 different resorts across the world.

When looking at timeshare maintenance costs, WorldMark offers the best bang for the buck, hands down. Many other ownerships will cost 2 to 3 times annually what WorldMark owners will pay when comparing week for week.

One of the more intriguing facts about the club is that it is for owner, by owner, meaning the owner’s association is a not for profit entity. Any leftover funds from maintenance fees paid by their owners are deposited into a general fund. This general fund will prevent owners from facing special assessments, an extra fee charged by the developer when repairs or restoration is needed.

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Extra Benefits

Due to the fact that WorldMark is one of the most common products on the resale market, we have chosen to introduce The Exclusive WM Exlporer Club for our owners. This allows many extra benefits that will help you extract as much vacation time and benefits for as little money as possible. Also, there are many extra perks to owning such as WorldMark Bonus Time.

How to Get a Timeshare On The Secondary Market

WorldMark resale can be an easy way to acquire premier WorldMark credits at huge discounts. but don’t get caught up in the many WorldMark scams out there. Only deal with Licensed Real Estate Agents for your transaction. Make sure you get all details in writing, and that your broker has a positive track record with the developer performing the transfer. Feel free to contact our agents with any remaining questions.

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