WorldMark Resale, Save Money Buying From a Timeshare Owner

What Is A WorldMark Timeshare?

WorldMark resales have helped literally thousands of travelers experience luxury travel accommodations more easily and cheaply than ever possible before. WorldMark by Wyndham’s vacation ownership has also come to be known as one of the most flexible and liquid timeshares on the resale market. The ownership offers over 60 resorts networked together through a flexible points system. WorldMark Resales allow the owner to access the WorldMark resorts without paying trading fees or worrying about the trading power of their week.

What Is WorldMark Resale?

Due to the fact that WorldMark is a perpetual ownership, each owner will have the right to sell, will, or otherwise transfer the ownership. Many resale accounts come from people who purchased the ownership at a timeshare presentation, who now wish to sell the ownership for many different reasons. When coming to the secondary market, the owners are essentially competing with one another to sell their ownership. Generally, if the owner is truly motivated to sell the ownership, they will choose a listing price based on current fair market value. Current market value can fluctuate through time, and is generally based on recent, comparable sale prices to draw conclusions on what your ownership may go for. Keep in mind that by buying a WorldMark resale, you will save thousands of dollars and if you ever needed to sell the account, you will not have to suffer the same depreciation that retail buyers experience.

The Resale Market Explained

The WorldMark resale market has proven to be one of the most dynamic markets in timeshare resale. Many timeshare scams operate on the resale market but also a few honest brokerages still remain. These licensed brokerages will very simply offer the seller a free WorldMark resale listing, and will offer the buyer an accurate portrayal of the property’s attributes.  Once both parties sign a written contract to officially accept the buyer’s offer, a third-party closing company is alerted of the sale. They will place the order for transfer documents, and oversee the full transfer process ensuring the best safety and ease of transfer for both buyer and seller. The company dealing with the money is not partial to either party, so their main interest is in upholding the agreement that was originally signed. Rest assured knowing your property and deposits are in safe hands by using a licensed, bonded, and insured closing company.

Get Educated

There are many resources for finding useful information on how WorldMark resales work and how best to become involved. The Club is one of the most popular timeshares available, and so there is an extensive community behind the WorldMark system. There are many forums such as or that has gone to great lengths to be extremely involved in the culture behind being an owner. You can always contact us for more information. There are many online resources in addition to our timeshare blog, but we are always happy to have a licensed agent answer your questions in a free consultation.