Trading Your Marriott Timeshare

marriott-trading-icon-timesharesIf you are currently an owner of a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare, you may be considering trading your timeshare week for another season or location. Trading is common practice among timeshare owners and can allow you to enjoy other resorts within the Marriott Vacation Club and beyond.

Reserving and Depositing Your Week

Although Marriott uses floating weeks, when you deposit your property into an exchange company, your deposit will have to be for a specific week rather than a floating week during your season. This is accomplished by simply booking a week in the Marriott system that can then be deposited. It will be best to get the most desirable week to trade, so 4th of july week, spring break, or when there’s fresh powder on the slopes nearby.

There are two companies that will help you trade your Marriott timeshare, San Francisco Exchange (SFX) and Interval International (II). Both trade with only high-end clubs so you know you won’t be trading for a lesser property.

What is a Timeshare Exchange Company?

Exchange companies allow timeshare owners to exchange and trade their own units with the owner of another unit that has equal value. Resort developers have relationships with exchange companies that will provide the service of administering the exchange service.

When the owner is ready to trade in their week, they must deposit their own reserved week into the inventory of the exchange company. The exchange company will charge a fee when you select a week from their inventory. This unit must be comparable to that of the unit that has been deposited.

Trading Your Marriott Property with Interval International

When trading with II and depositing your Marriott timeshare, as a function of Marriott, you can chose between an II Marriott Deposit or an II Owner Deposit.

If you choose to use the Marriott deposit, Marriott is able to pick what week is deposited into II. It is believed that historically they have not picked the best weeks.

An Owner deposit allows the trader to choose which week is deposited. An II Owner Deposit gives you the advantage of picking a week with the most trading power. Because certain weeks have a higher demand than others, it is wise to book a week that is the most desirable to most people people. Knowing which week to choose can take research and some trading savvy, but if you need some help you can always contact us, and one of our licensed agent can help answer your questions.

Also, one feature special offered by II, is that they will give a preference period for Marriott owners to trade their week for other Marriott properties before said property becomes available to other non- Marriott owners within the II network.

What is Trading Power?

Trading power describes your ability to easily trade your week for another. Due to the fact that some resorts or specific weeks will have more desirability than others, making sure you have a highly rated resort and a popular week to trade will help make sure the most trading inventory is available to you.

Although there are some resorts or locations that are very desirable throughout the year, such as Hawaii, there are some resorts that have an off-season during the year that will not have strong trading power that others will have. The more desirable your reserved week is, the more trading inventory will be opened up to you when booking.

If you have any remaining questions, feel free to contact us for more info.