Timeshares: Selling On The Net

You can rely on our expertise when it comes to the resale of timeshares online. Whether its marketing your timeshare by selling it on the net or using our extensive network of timeshare listings to fulfill your vacation dreams, our website has offered a quick and honest service to literally thousands.

Why Is Selling On The Net So Effective?

Selling your timeshare is all about exposure, and likewise, buying your perfect timeshare is about viewing the right listing at the right time. Google alone logs over 400 million unique visitors doing about 2 billion searches per day, and we all know Bing, Yahoo and others are still well liked and used. When coupled with our advanced search engine marketing strategies and large advertising budget, this translates into many, many chances to get your timeshare ads seen by the right person at the right time.

Why Is Buying On The Net So Effective?

As a buyer, you will have access to many different types of timeshares at rock bottom prices by doing your shopping online. The difference is huge. If you buy from a timeshare presentation, you will be vastly overpaying, and will only be able to choose from what the developer is offering. On our website, we list over 10 different types of ownerships which you can compare to see which club or resort is best for you. The resale market is alive and well on the Internet, and it’s simple to see why this won’t be changing anytime soon.

How Does It Work?

With no unified MLS-type listing service and many shady brokers out to get rich quick (i.e., charging upfront fees), you may think how does anyone do business safely on the resale market?

The timeshare industry has been almost solely supported by licensed Real Estate brokerages that specialize in timeshare resale and have built a website in order to market ownerships. Brokerages like ours work very hard to be able to offer the seller a free listing, and will earn a commission only if the ownership is sold. With this model, buyers have many listings to choose from, and will have greater chance of finding the exact unit or ownership they wanted.

We have helped literally thousands buy and sell timeshares on the resale market and our website has greatly aided in our ability to service our client. We are pleased to offer this powerful platform to help you fulfill your timeshare needs.