Stretching Your Hilton Grand Vacation Club Points

Due to the fact that Hilton Timeshare ClubPoints do carry an expiration date 1 year after they are deposited into your account. Hilton has devised some great ways of ensuring you always get the maximum value from your investment in Hilton Grand Vacation Club resorts.


1.) You can deposit the current year’s points into next year’s account that can be utilized throughout the follow year for reservations.

2.) Rescue a portion or all of the current year’s points. Rescued points can be used for reservations at Club Resorts during the Home Resort reservation and Club reservation windows from the date of rescue through the end of the current year.

3.) Deposit points in RCI for timeshare trading / exchange purposes. RCI will then “space bank” the points and they are valid for use in RCI’s network for the following 2 calendar years.


1.) You can convert all or a portion of the current year’s points into Hilton HHonors points for use at many other Hilton Worldwide properties.

2.) Assuming your account is in good standing, any converted Hilton HHonors points will stay in you account until they are used and can be combined with points earned at participating hotels.

3.) The current conversion rate is 1 Hilton ClubPoints to 25 HHonors points.


You can borrow all or a portion of next year’s points, or deposited ClubPoints, to be used in the current year.

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