Hilton Grand Vacations 2022 Fee Schedule

hilton Hawaiian village waterfallAre you looking to learn more about Hilton Grand Vacations fees for 2022? Well, you’re in luck! Hilton has released an updated fee schedule for the year that includes some of the fees involved in the HGV Max membership. In this blog post, we will go over all of the different fees and what they are for. So whether you’re a Hilton Grand Vacations member or just curious about what they have to offer, read on!

The first fee we’ll talk about is the Hilton Grand Vacations activation fees. These are one-time fees that you pay when you join Hilton Grand Vacations.

Activation Fees

Enrollment / Activation Fee $392
Ownership Change Fee $450
Activation Fee Voluntary (1 Interval) $399

Each Membership account shall be liable for one annual Club Dues expense. Hilton Grand Vacations will post the Annual Club Dues to the Membership account in January of each year. Owners at select properties have the option to pay “Inclusive Club Dues” that includes annual Club Dues, plus unlimited Home Resort Priority, Hilton Club Priority, and Club reservation fees, as applicable, for transaction fees that are priced at $99 or less.

Annual Club Dues

Club Members $193
HGV Max Members $281
Inclusive Club Dues – US & Canada / International $325 / 351

Hilton Grand Vacations offers an incredible amount of flexibility for owners. Owners are able to use their ClubPoints to book during Home Resort Priority, Hilton Club Priority, or Club Season booking windows by paying one of the following fees. As you will see below, many of the following transaction fees will vary based on whether the booking occurs online or on the phone with one of Hilton’s vacation planning specialists.

Transaction Fees

Resort Reservations

Home Week Complimentary
Home Resort Priority, Hilton Club Priority
or Club Season (Changeable) – Phone / Online
$99 / $59
Club or Home Resort using Bonus Points – Phone / Online $109 / $79
Club Partner Perks – Phone / Online $139

Point Stretching

Hilton Honors Conversion – Phone / Online $154 / $144
Saved Points Deposit (Jan – Aug) – Phone / Online $114 / $104
Saved Points Deposit (Sep – Nov) – Phone / Online $134 / $124
Saved Points Deposit (Dec) – Phone / Online $199 / $189
Cancellation Protection – Phone / Online $79
RCI Deposit – Phone / Online $154 / $144
Extending RCI Deposited Points $139
Borrow Complimentary

Guest Certificates

Home Week Complimentary
Home Resort Priority, Hilton Club Priority
or Club Reservations – Phone / Online
$79 / $59
Open Season Cash Not Available

HGV owners are also able to exchange their ClubPoints with RCI to gain access to thousands of additional resorts. Fees are determined by the number of nights being reserved with RCI.

RCI Exchange Fee Schedule

RCI Weekly Reservations (on a per reservation basis) $249
RCI Guest Certificate $89

RCI Nightly Reservations

1 Night $59
2 Nights $79
3 Nights $109
4 Nights $159
5 Nights $199
6 Nights $219
7 Nights $249

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