WorldMark Bonus Time, What It Is & How It Works

Published by David Van Norman

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Get more vacation time by educating yourself about the features and limitations of bonus time with a WorldMark by Wyndham timeshare on the resale market.

What is Bonus Time? 

Educate yourself on the features and limitations of bonus time with a WorldMark by Wyndham timeshare. Bonus time is a feature that gives WorldMark owners the option to pay cash for short-notice vacations without using any available credits, and comes with any Premier WorldMark Ownership, even if you buy resale. Bonus time is a great way to extend your vacation time while minimizing the reoccurring costs of maintenance fees. This program is great for cheap 2-3 day weekend getaways.

Bonus time draws upon all unused weeks left in the WorldMark system. When a week has not been reserved by an owner or traded to an exchange company, the owner’s association offers it to any WorldMark owner at a heavily discounted price in effort of trying to recoup costs, and fill the rooms.

How Does It Work?

As a WorldMark owner, you can pay 4.8 cents per credit (minimum of $30) that you would normally use to take your reservation as long as the vacation is booked within 14 business days or closer to check-in.

So let’s say you’re driving through the Oregon Coast, and you need a place to stay tonight or in a few nights time. Sure, you could call the Vacation Planning Center and reserve a unit using your WorldMark Credits, but this may interfere with your normally scheduled trip, that you and the family take every year. This is a perfect time to utilize the bonus time feature.

So you look online to check if there are any WorldMark locations close by and you find WorldMark Gleneden isn’t far. The maximum amount of credits it would take to stay at this resort for one night in a 1 bedroom suite is 1,100 credits. That’s in red season, staying Sunday night. Please note, you can stay for as little as 450 credits in Blue Season, staying any day from Mon-Thurs. To figure out how much this reservation will cost you, all you have to do is multiply 4.8 cents by the 1,100 credits it would take to stay there. This brings the total cost for the reservation to $52.80, in the most expensive night available! According to club bylaws, reservations can be booked with bonus time for as little as $30.00 per night.

How Does Bonus Time Benefit Me? And What Are the Common Bonus Time Complaints? 

This is a price that more often than not beats Motel 6. Not only is the price great, you are staying in a beautiful timeshare resort, with a full kitchen and many more modern amenities that you would expect from your WorldMark ownership. Bonus time can really be a great value. When you do the math, if you own a 10,000 annual credit account, maintenance for the year of 2011 will cost you roughly $608.19, which comes to about 6 cents per credit that you are awarded in the year of 2011. By using bonus time, you can extend your ownership, and do it cheaper than upgrading the ownership if don’t need the usage every year or you are keen on taking short-notice trips.

Let’s talk about some of the limitations of bonus time, and how it differs from just having the vacation credits annually. First, you are limited to short-notice trips, and will have to book within 14 business days or sooner. Each reservation is limited to 4 consecutive days and owners that have 19,000 annual credits and below can occupy one weekend using bonus time per quarter, or a maximum of 4 per year, if spaced appropriately. Also, you can make only one bonus time reservation at a time, meaning whatever reservation you book will have to complete before booking another.

Is Bonus Time Included on a Resale Ownership?

Selling Timeshares, Inc. only brokers Premier Ownerships. Inherently, they include bonus time and are perpetual ownerships, meaning they can be sold or willed as seen fit by the owner. Feel to contact us for more information about this product and many other of the best vacation packages offered.

WorldMark Gleneden is located on the beautiful Oregon coast, famed for some of the most beautiful coasts in the world. The resort is nestled between Newport and Lincoln City, both offering great local attractions. Explore Newport’s Old Town Bay-front, take in a museum, or discover the Undersea Gardens.

Alternative Resort: WorldMark Depoe Bay

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