Why Selling Timeshares, Inc.? A Guide To WorldMark Resale

At Selling Timeshares, we take pride in being one of the only WorldMark sales specialists in existence, but what does that mean really? What qualifies us to help you achieve your vacation goals? In this article we’ll answer some of those questions and show you what to look for in any brokerage on the secondary market for WorldMark sales.

Why Work With Us?

When you fill in a contact form regarding WorldMark, you will be assigned an agent with literally years of experience with WorldMark by Wyndham transfers, as well as real-world usage. In late 2011, brother/sister duo David Van Norman and Megan Van Norman signed on to build out the company’s team of WorldMark specialists. Both are licensed in the state of California with a combined experience approaching 10 years with the WorldMark system alone. The duo has been able to get their clients’ ownerships sold quickly, and have been able to offer their buyers great pricing when compared to retail presentations.

We’ve listed a few brief reasons why many of our clients have felt more than comfortable selecting our brokerage

Explaination of why you should employ Selling Timeshares, Inc.