WorldMark Credits, A Revolutionary Timeshare Ownership

WorldMark credits offer the most flexibility of any timeshare ownership. The pure-points model of WorldMark resale has evaded the majority of consumer complaints about timeshares. Find out more about the benefits of WorldMark Credits.

Low Maintenance Fees and Assessment Liability

When compared to many timeshare ownerships, WorldMark has some of the lowest annual maintenance for many reasons.  From its inception, WorldMark credits were designed to make timeshares affordable and therefore accessible to the general public.

When speaking about solely the club (not the developer, Wyndham) it operates as a non-profit entity. This means any money that is leftover from owner’s maintenance fees is deposited into a general fund, used only in benefit of the club.  It is for this reason that, historically, WorldMark owners have never paid a special assessment fee.

Also, because of the club’s points-based model, all maintenance fees are averaged across all owners. Provided they have the same number of annual credits, no owner will pay more maintenance than another.


WorldMark’s innovative credit system offers more flexibility than traditional deeded timeshares that only allow the same week number and resort to be used. The WorldMark club boasts over 50 resorts at which an owner can spend their credits, and owners are not forced to take the full week. Many owners use their credits for multiple weekend trips or save them up for a large family trip.

Trading Power

As with most things in life, including timeshare exchange, you can only get what you give. By choosing WorldMark credits for your ownership, you have the ability to trade for very desirable locations and times of the year. This is due to the fact that rather than trading a week into the exchange system that you are using, you are exchanging the possibility to visit many locations at many times of the year. For this reason, a WorldMark account (that comparatively costs very little in annual maintenance fees), can trade with very high-end inventory such as Hilton, Marriott, Disney, Club Intrawest and so forth.  You can read more about trading power on our timeshare exchange page.

Hopefully you can see why so many people have chosen WorldMark as their vacation ownership. Many of the issues that were present with traditional timeshares have been solved with this new revolution in travel. If you would like more information you can visit our Welcome to WorldMark page.