What Is A Timeshare Company?

What Is A Timeshare Company?While you may be acquainted with what a timeshare is, you may find yourself wondering what a timeshare company is, exactly. It seems like a simple enough concept, but the role of a timeshare company extends far past simply selling timeshare properties, and it is important to know the various features a timeshare company offers and how they benefit you and your travel plans. Within this article we will look into what makes up a timeshare company and what roles they play.

Fixed, Floating, or Points

A timeshare company provides potential customers with timeshare resale listings that are currently available to be purchased. Ownerships can either be fixed weeks and remain a static set of days each year, or can operate on a floating week. Floating weeks afford more flexibility with your booking as they allow you to book a consecutive 7 day stay within a specific block of weeks, or season. In addition to that you are able to trade outside of your home week, affording you a great deal of travel variation. Also, you can select ownerships that use points-based booking systems.

First Come, First Served

When booking your timeshare, keep in mind that everything is on a first-come, first-served basis. This is good to remember for last minute travel planners, as you will want to book further in advance to ensure you are able to get the time and property you are looking for that year. However, at times waiting can play to your benefit, as last minute cancellations can open the door to desirable properties that you wouldn’t have been able to get without booking as early as possible.

Timeshare companies will either sell a deeded ownership of a property, or will sell you a specific number of points, for which you can use to book at your home resort, outside resorts, or trade. Determining which timeshare company provides which type of ownership will play a large part in your purchase, so it is important to do some independent research beforehand.

Shop Around

Now that you are aware of a few of the services of a timeshare company, shop around and make sure you buy an ownership for long-term happiness, rather than in a quick-decision. If you have any additional questions on the different facets of what a timeshare company is, feel free to contact us to speak with one of our licensed timeshare resale experts.