What Does A BBB Rating Mean For Me?

As a consumer, you may have seen the BBB symbol or letters thrown around in a commercial or in print somewhere. You also may have asked yourself, “What does BBB stand for?” or perhaps, “What does a BBB rating mean for me?” Well, it is a safeguard and way for consumers to understand what companies you may want to purchase from or use their services.

What Is The BBB?

BBB stands for Better Business Bureau and is designed to help consumers understand what businesses are trustworthy and who they may want to stay away from. The Better Business Bureau creates reports for consumers annually so that they stay up to date and informed. To be an accredited by the BBB, a company must be evaluated by their Standards for Trust which is a comprehensive list for how businesses should go about their practices with the public. BBB also exposes the biggest scams that are hitting the US and Canadian consumers.

What Does a BBB Rating Mean For Me?

A good BBB rating means that the company you are looking into has either no complaints filed against them, or at least have consistently and satisfactorily resolved any complaints filed against them. This ultimately means the firm has been treating their customers fairly and honestly. When looking to buy or sell a timeshare, there are a lot of scams and dishonest people in the industry, as all industries have. Using the BBB, you can easily find an honest and reputable broker in which to do business with.

Having A Voice

One of most important functions of the BBB is making sure your voice will be heard should you have a complaint about your transaction. In your dealings with your former broker or a new broker in the future, the BBB will give you a platform in which to easily see and directly effect a business’s track record.

If you would like more information about the BBB or honest timeshare business practices, feel free to contact us.