Westin St. John Points Value Increase Set For 2015

beach side at westin st john timeshare resortRecently, Westin St. John saw an increase in the amount of StarOptions and StarPoints allotted to owners for 2015. This means that owners will have more flexibility and options when trading to other resorts within the SVN. Westin and Starwood have not officially released any information as to what the exact reason for the increase is. This is good news for current owners who intend to keep their ownership or who are looking to sell due to the increase in resale value due to the point increase. You can view the Starwood StarOptions Chart by clicking the link.

Westin St. John Resort & Villas (Virgin Grand Villas)

Villa Type Season Week 2014 Value 2015 Value
Platinum Plus 1-15, 51-52 196,900 257,700
3 Bedroom Platinum 16-20, 43-50 125,000 196,900
Gold Plus 21-42 104,100 125,000
Platinum Plus 1-15, 51-52 148,100 176,700
2 Bedroom Platinum 16-20, 43-50 95,700 148,100
Gold Plus 21-42 81,000 95,700
Platinum Plus 1-15, 51-52 81,000 95,700
1 Bedroom Platinum 16-20, 43-50 51,700 81,000
Gold Plus 21-42 44,000 51,700
Platinum Plus 1-15, 51-52 67,100 81,000
Studio Platinum 16-20, 43-50 44,000 67,100
Gold Plus 21-42 37,000 44,000


This increase gives St. John owners more points to play with when trading with Interval International. However, this only affects the owners who own this property and want to trade for other properties or owners that want to trade to St. John.

Owners who wish to visit St. John will be required to use more points to visit the resort. For owners that don’t have the right amount of points may bank their current years points and use them next year or borrow from future use years. Knowing which resorts you wish to visit and trade to or finding a resort that you want to go to year after year is important. Fortunately, the flexibility of a timeshare ownership allows you to change your mind and use your timeshare points however you see fit. Starwood has their own set of rules and conditions about exchanging and using your timeshare ownership. TUG is a great resource for those who prefer a forum format. Owners can talk with experienced owners who have been in the timeshare network and view other owners questions.