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With today’s information age, you have to be involved in social media to get your point across, don’t you? Yes, you definitely do. The Selling Timeshares Team has a lot to say, and following us on twitter you’re sure to get the most recent updates available.

Transforming The Industry

This is just one way we are aiming to transform the resale industry. We are reaching out to our clients like never before. We are committed to not only maintaining our twitter and Facebook accounts, but we will be active on the wmowners forum as well as Yahoo! Answers, so watch out for our answers and advice floating all across the web.

Get More Acquainted With The Team

David Van Norman, Seth Nock, Sarah Cullum, Samuel Rodriguez and Megan Van Norman, all licensed agents at Selling Timeshares, Inc., are set to offer pressure free consultations with the new timeshare resale team. The team aims to change the timeshare resale industry for the better by making timeshares easier to understand, and more accessible to the public than ever before.

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