The Value of Timeshare Ownership

What is a sound investment?Value means, “The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.” A timeshare ownership value will vary from one individual from the next. The fair market value of a resale timeshare may not be the only value denomination that is important.

Personal Value

Whether you are buying your timeshare to visit the same conference in Orlando, FL every year or you are a part of a family of six that have trouble affording their vacationing during summer vacation because of their family size. Value is what you are looking to get out of your timeshare. Being able to sell your timeshare within a few hours because of it’s high demand is a luxury that few owners have. A high demand property has a high monetary value in the resale market but may not hold much personally. However, if you cannot visit that property or utilize it how you need to, there is not much personal value for you, as the owner.

There are some very inexpensive properties available on the market right now. Many would consider these properties as worthless because their monetary value is very low. In some instances, these properties cannot even be given away. But, someone may gladly use that ownership for their family vacation and the maintenance fees are worth the time spent at the property. Your can learn more about this by reading our article, The Difference Between High-End & Dollar Menu Timeshares.

Find The Sweet Spot

Timeshare owners that have purchased a resale account have historically been very happy with their ownership. Because resale is so much more affordable, many times these folks can skip having to pay a loan payment, so many more families have it in their budget to actually use their ownership. Retail ownerships can be very expensive and many times you can find the exact same ownership on the resale market for a fraction of the cost. Also, developers who aren’t always building new resorts will only be able to sell so many points or weeks before that property is only available through the resale market. If you are looking for the most options and at the best price, look into making your timeshare ownership purchase through a licensed broker.

It is important to know that you will need to an escrow company to handle the transfer of the property from the seller into your name and the money from you to the seller. A timeshare resale broker will find the exact ownership that fits your needs and will handle all of the leg work to get you the timeshare with the utmost value for your personal travel style.

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