Using Timeshares As A Vacation Home Alternative

vacation home alternativeTimeshares, or vacation ownerships, are quickly replacing the old notion of having to invest in a costly vacation home that sits empty most of the year. In this article, we’ll take a look at why vacation ownerships are a superior solution for ensuring a safe, beautiful place for you and your family to vacation each year.


When buying a vacation home, you will be forced to choose one location, and you will be stuck going to that same location each year. The flexibility of a vacation ownership easily trumps owning a vacation home. To use Hilton timeshares as an example, you have over 50 different resorts located across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. This allows you the flexibility to provide your family a new experience each time you travel.

Maybe this year you’d like to go skiing, and next you’re craving a relaxing, beach-side vacation. With vacation ownerships, the only limitation is your imagination.


Timeshare locations are beautiful, purpose-built resorts that are situated in some of the most desirable locations in the World. The beauty of the resorts rival some of the most opulent home dwellings. You can see to the right, Hilton’s Parc Soleil location is a great example of this level of luxury offered by timeshares.

Resort Clubs can offer the traveler amenities simply not offered with hotels or vacation homes such as huge center-piece pools, on-site clubs and restaurants, game rooms for the kids, and much more.


The true costs of owning a timeshare can be quite shockingly low for those who choose to purchase on the timeshare resale market by using our Hilton broker services. Especially considering the long-term costs of hotels or a mortgage, timeshares purchased on the resale market are an extremely cost-effective way to travel, while maintaining a luxurious feel to the resort you and your family will be traveling to.