Trading HGVC With RCI

Trading HGVC with RCI

Trading HGVC with RCI has been designed to be easy to use for Hilton members. The points-based system affords members not only the opportunity to have priority reservation status at their home resort during their home season, but allows access to thousands of resorts in the RCI exchange network. Trading HGVC with RCI is just one of the many great options for Hilton owners who would like to visit destinations outside of the already huge Hilton resort network.

Trading Your HGVC Points

Hilton has made trading your timeshare rather easy. Instead of trying to figure out how your weeks translate to other vacation club weeks, HGVC members just have to call their own reservations desk. Hilton has a close working relationship with RCI and can work on behalf of their own members to find an available week from within their reservation system.

Instead of waiting on a wait-list or wondering if you can book the week or days that you want, you will know by the time you are off the phone if you have the week you want or not. Since the system is on a first come, first serve basis, there are no waiting lists. This is referred to as the confirm-first feature.

Your HGVC Points and RCI

Based on the size of your condo and your home season, you will be able to trade with comparable properties and weeks in the RCI network. If you would like to go to a location during a low demand week, you may be able to get more than just the one week you have at your home property. However, if you would like to go to a higher demand location or upgrade to a large size room, you will have the opportunity to borrow points from future years.

Take a look at some of the points values for RCI exchanges below. Feel free to bookmark this page for your reference before your next trade.

Club Points Values For RCI Exchanges

Per Week Per Night
Mon-Fri Sat-Sun
Red 2400 240 480
White 1700 170 340
Blue 1200 120 240
1 Bed
Red 3400 340 680
White 2400 240 480
Blue 1700 170 340
2 Bed
Red 4800 480 960
White 3400 340 680
Blue 2400 240 480
3 Bed
Red 5800 580 1160
White 4000 400 800
Blue 2900 290 580