Top 5 Tips For Hilton Timeshare Owners

Are you a Hilton Timeshare owner trying to get the most out of your ownership, or just interested in becoming a member? Read on to find some great tips and tricks to utilize your Hilton Grand Vacation Club timeshare ownership to the best of your ability.

1. Buying Your Preferred Home Resort Location

Due to the fact that Hilton works on a deeded points-based reservation system, you will want to make sure to invest in the specific location you will want to travel to. You will have the option to trade with RCI and travel to new destinations outside of your home resort using points, but you will be booking 9 months or less in advance. So having a home resort that you love traveling to each year helps you take advantage of your priority booking window and get the best availability.

2. Buy the Season You Want

The only way to be guaranteed your desired time of the year is to buy the season you want when initially purchasing your ownership. Even if your were to buy your HGVC Club Points from a presentation, you are not guaranteed a season or location unless your underlying contract is deeded to your desired season.

3. Book Early

  • The best way to get your desired week is to book as early as you possibly can. Planning ahead never hurts a timeshare owner.

  • If you are going to book outside of your home resort priority booking window, try to be flexible. Pick 4-5 locations that would be acceptable and start your search from there.

  • Calling in to the Hilton reservations hotline can be great for additional vacation planning assistance.

4. When exchanging deposit early

  • Your best shot at getting an amazing exchange is to deposit your week well in advance to your desired travel date.

  • Hilton Grand Vacation Club is affiliated with San Francisco Exchange (SFX) as well as Resort Condominiums International (RCI), both are leading exchange companies that allow owners to trade with over 6,000 resorts internationally.

  • If you deposit early both RCI and SFX might offer accommodation certifications for extra vacations that can be redeemed for a nominal fee.

5. Reservation Cancellations / Changes

If you need to cancel or change a reservation you have currently booked, you can easily do this 61 days or more in advance. A nominal fee of about $39 might apply. If your reservation is sooner than 60 days, Marriott cannot make changes, but you will need to deposit your reserved week into II or SFX to be able to get a different week or resort. Late deposit restriction may apply.


6. Avoid Late Deposit Restrictions

When depositing with RCI or SFX, try to deposit 61 days or more in advance to get your full trading power. If you deposit your week within 60 days or fewer, you may be giving a late deposit with your trading company. This may require that you make your new accommodation of travel within 60 days of travel.

7. Keep Up On Your Maintenance

Make sure to keep maintenance fees current. Falling behind on payments can lead to penalties, being locked out of your usage and restrictions being placed on your Hilton Honors account.

We hope you enjoyed learning some tips and tricks about Hilton Grand Vacation Club! If you have remaining questions, feel free to contact us and our knowledgeable, licensed agents can walk you through getting the most out your Hilton timeshare.


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