Top 5 Reasons to Own A Timeshare (Video)


For an avid traveler, or someone who likes to plan annual trips for themselves or with their family, a timeshare can actually be a great asset. While hotels always seem to be at the forefront of travel lodging, buying a timeshare can be hard to overlook once you know the benefits. In this article, we’ll look at the top 5 reasons to own a timeshare.

1.) More Amenities and Accommodations Than Hotels

While the idea of a timeshare might not initially strike up a sense of home, in reality, you have everything available to you to make your timeshare similar to your home away from home. Whereas a hotel will normally allow you a room to stay and services when you request them, a timeshare affords you access to amenities such as a full kitchen.

You can save your vacation dollars by enjoying home-cooked meals, which is made easier by the fact that each timeshare comes stocked with silverware, dishes, utensils, etc. Timeshare condos also come with towels and sheets, as well as full laundry units to use at your convenience.

2.) Less to Maintain than a Vacation Home

Even though timeshares come packed with basic amenities, timeshare ownership is not as much of a maintenance issue as owning a vacation home, and they are a far more economical package overall. If you find yourself to be a big traveler who wants that familiar, accessible feeling of home, but don’t want to dole out the money for a personal vacation home that may sit vacant for a large portion of the year, you’ll find that you can just about have it all with a timeshare.

3.) Property Ownership

Unlike a hotel, most timeshares operate on a deeded system so you hold legitimate ownership of real property. With that ownership, you are guaranteed a time and place to travel. You also have the freedom to pass it on to family members who can also enjoy future vacations.

4.) Flexible Travel Dates

Timeshares in the present day have much more booking flexibility than when they were first introduced, and because of that you are able to enjoy vacations at any point of the year, and at many different resorts. Hilton Grand Vacation Club alone has over 45 resorts across not only the US, but Mexico, Portugal, Thailand and Scotland that you are able to take advantage of due to the points-based system on which it operates. Timeshares are so flexible, you have access to over 6,000 different resorts across the globe when you take advantage of your ability to trade with an exchange company.

5.) Consistent Travel Costs

Another excellent benefit of owning a timeshare is the consistency in cost. Where hotel units are priced at the hotel chain’s discretion, purchasing a timeshare allows you a much more static price model to budget around to be sure you can get the most out of your vacation.

If you are still deciding on whether a timeshare is your next step in planning your perfect vacation, or just have any additional questions on the benefits of owning a timeshare, feel free to contact us.