Top 10 Best Places to Travel in 2020

The travel guide giant, Lonely Planet, has released their ultimate travel destinations for the upcoming year. Based on feedback from their extensive network of travel writers, editors and social media influencers, they’ve compiled top 10 lists of the world’s best places to travel in 2020. If you’re planning to travel next year but haven’t quite decided on your destination, check out the following list of their top 10 best cities to travel in 2020. 

1.) Salzburg, Austria

Home of one of the greatest musicians in history, Amadeus Mozart, Salzburg is the perfect vacation destination for travelers looking to feather their cultural vacation with breathtaking scenery. Set in the mountainous countryside of Austria, just a few hours from Vienna, commonly ranked world’s best city to live, you’ll find the quaint city of Salzburg. In 2020, the city’s Salzburg Festival turns 100 which will no doubt be a larger than usual spectacle of music, concerts, theater and other festivities.  

2.) Washington D.C., USA

Next year is the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote, and throughout the city visitors and residents will be treated to special exhibits at some of the city’s most famous museums celebrating this important milestone in human rights. The city will also be buzzing due to the presidential election taking place late in the year. 

3.) Cairo, Egypt

With the opening of the Cairo’s Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), Cairo is the perfect place to visit in 2020 to get a glimpse into the world’s largest museum entirely committed to one civilisation. Of course, there are always the Pyramids, Sphinx and other wonders to visit while taking a trip Cairo.

4.) Galway, Ireland

As one of the regions participating in the 2020 European Capital of Culture, Galway’s event calendar will be filled with music, dance and theatrical performances throughout the city’s bustling streets. This artistic celebration will take place all year, making Galway an ideal vacation location on the Emerald Isle.

5.) Bonn, Germany

Mountains, castles, beer and Beethoven, Bonn is #5 on Lonely Planet’s list. The birthplace of Beethoven, the city of Bonn will be celebrating his 250th birthday with a massive celebration of music and art taking place throughout the year. Concerts, operas, picnic performances and even home concerts where local musicians welcome guests to their homes will be held to celebrate the great Beethoven. 

6.) La Paz, Bolivia

While most who visit La Paz come to see the magnificent Andes mountains, the city of La Paz is experiencing a revitalization period with new cafes, restaurants and art installations popping up throughout the vibrant town. Visitors can spend the morning riding the highest and longest cable car system in the world and taking in the beautiful vistas then spend the evening dancing with the locals in one of their cultural festivals held throughout the year.

7.) Kochi, India

A leader in green energy, Kochi built the world’s first fully solar powered airport which earned a UN Champions of the Earth award. The seaside city of Kochi has a variety of activities to offers its guests including boho cafes, art galleries, ancient fishing boats as well as the 2020 Kochi-Muziris Biennale Art Festival.

8.) Vancouver, Canada

The jewel of British Columbia, Vancouver is the home of the idea of Greenspace. While there are countless museums, shops and restaurants to visit in the city, there are just as many natural locales to relax and enjoy the crisp air. The city is full of hiking and biking trails as well as Stanley Park just across the harbor with its thousands of trees, making it the perfect place for viewing fall foliage. Adventure seekers can also travel a bit outside of the city to attempt to cross the 460 foot Capilano Suspension Bridge while gaining some native history at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.

9.) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If the massive metropolis in the middle of the desert isn’t enough of a draw for you in itself, Dubai will be holding the World Expo in 2020 which will showcase pavilions from 190 countries around the world. The Expo’s theme this year is sustainability and mobility, so visitors can expect to see many high tech innovations and ideas for our future. If future is what you’re interested in, Dubai’s Museum of the Future is also scheduled to open in 2020.

10.) Denver, USA

The second US city on the list, Denver is experiencing a boom in development. New hotels, restaurants and art installations are opening in the city seemingly on a weekly basis. The city consistently draws foodies, art buffs and those wanting to spend time on the slopes, to its quaint streets and neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking to visit the botanical gardens, museums, go rock climbing or eat your way through the city, Denver is an ideal destination for tourists looking for a well-rounded vacation in 2020.

More information about Lonely Planet’s World’s Best Places to Travel in 2020 can be found at the following link.