Why Timeshare Owners Are Ripping the Phone Cord Out of the Socket!

unplug-phone-iconOk, fine… maybe not RIPPING the cord out the wall, but I’ve noticed a lot of talk on the Facebook HGVC group about unplugging the phone being among the first things owners do upon entering their room. Let’s talk about it!

Owner Update = Sales Presentation

It’s become increasingly clear that the initial “courtesy” call from the “front desk”, is really a salesperson fishing for their next sale. The common pitch starts with a simple phrase such as “How is your stay so far?”, followed by inviting you to what they refer to as an “Owner Update”. This “owner update” is really just a fancy way of saying sales presentation without scaring you away. So many quotes in this paragraph so far… you can tell I’m not exactly convinced the naming conventions of these interactions are meant to be as transparent as possible.

I’m not one to disparage those who are trying to make a living, but as someone who is privy to the huge discounts that can be had by buying your timeshare on the resale market, it’s a futile effort, and more of a nuisance than a service for me.

Timeshare Owners Are Targeted For Remarketing

The reality of the industry is that these developers know the incredible costs of holding presentations for people that may or may not purchase an ownership. The motivation of these owner updates is to lower the risk, and thus the costs, associated with generating new sales. It’s actually a tried and true method of marketing your product, but when it’s manifested as an annoying call within the first 15 minutes of you checking in, I’m less appreciative of the method of marketing.

It’s for this very reason we have chosen to employ extensive internet marketing strategies to sell timeshares online. We know the clients that search for us, or the topics that we cover, are the most excited to purchase! This is why many clients, both buyers and sellers, simply prefer their experience of buying and selling on the resale market, after all, we’re not out there knocking on doors!

Go Ahead, Unplug the Phone!

Take this as your invitation to go ahead and take the phone cord right out the socket. This will ensure you are not bothered, and of course, you can plug it right back in if you need to call the front desk.