Thinking About Selling My Marriott Timeshare

There are a variety of options when selling a Marriott timeshare. Using a licensed broker is one of the safest and reliable ways to if you’re thinking about selling your Marriott timeshare. A brokerage service will sell your property for you, using advanced advertising and marketing techniques, so that you don’t have to worry about being an expert on your ownership.

Tired of Maintenance Fees?

On your own, it can be difficult and time consuming to sell your Marriott timeshare without the tools and connections that a broker would have available. There will also
be no upfront cost with a legitimate brokerage service. Keep in mind, whether you employ a broker or sell it on your own, if the ownership doesn’t sell quickly, you still have to pay your maintenance fees to keep the account current. In many cases, a broker can sell your ownership before you have to pay your next maintenance fee.

Some companies will ask for large upfront fees for advertising or marketing or some other label that gives them a reason to charge a large amount of money. Many of these companies are advertising agencies that do not carry the proper licensing to sell your ownership. The listing company will not have any incentive to sell your property and the in many cases, the listing agreement contract that you will be required to sign may not require them to even sell the timeshare.

For Sale: Marriott Timeshares

Going through a licensed and reputable timeshare broker is important for getting the results you want. A reputable broker will make sure that they don’t have to charge fees to the sellers for advertising or marketing. With a strong online presence through marketing and smart advertising practices, your broker can keep costs down while simultaneously selling your property quickly and efficiently. Craigslist and online message boards can be a roll of the dice with who you are dealing with but a broker will  employ the use of a licensed, bonded and insured closing company to ensure the protection of your property and the buyer’s deposit.

If you are thinking about selling your Marriott timeshare, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.