Things To Pack For Your Next Timeshare Vacation

Ever get to your destination just to find you forgot something? In this article we’ll be covering the most important things to pack for your next timeshare vacation. Some of these items are just common sense, but you may be surprised how the excitement of going on your dream vacation can make you forget the basics!


What good is traveling if you can’t share those memories with the people you love? A good point-and-shoot digital camera can be a great way to immortalize the highlights of your next trip. If you’re a photography buff, you may want to consider a full-on DSLR camera, but point-and-shoot or even phone cameras have gotten so much better in the past few years. You can now get cameras with amazing quality that fit in your pocket, which will encourage you to take more of those memorable shots.

Comfy Shoes

The urge to look dashing is definitely understandable, but make sure you also bring a pair of comfortable shoes that can take a beating. You may find yourself doing a lot of walking while site-seeing so be prepared to potentially ruin the shoes you bring with you. It would be a shame to ruin your favorite pair for lack of having a cheap, but comfortable, pair of shoes.


Even if you aren’t traveling internationally, it can be useful to have a second form of I.D. in your luggage. Don’t forget your driver’s license and your itinerary!

Tablet / Smartphone

You’re probably already glued to you tablet or smartphone either way, but definitely make sure to bring them along. They can be extremely handy for navigating new places, or just simply entertaining yourself in the airport while waiting.


Bringing your basic toiletries with you can save you a little cash. Many resorts will offers these products, but they may cost a lot more than what you’re used to. Or even worse, they may be free and of very low quality. You can invest in some travel bottles that are under 3oz to put your favorite shampoo, conditioner and body wash into. This allows you to get through airport security but still have your favorite cleaning products without having to pay the “I didn’t plan ahead” tax charged in resort gift shops.

Device Chargers

We’ve all done it. Don’t forget your laptop, tablet or phone chargers. It may be helpful to make a checklist of all the devices you’re taking with you and just check them off as you pack your chargers.

Beach Equipment

At the risk of sounding like a worrying mother, make sure to bring your sunscreen! Sunburns can put a real dent in your fun, and make future exposure to sun painful and unpleasant. Don’t limit your fun in the sun, just plan ahead!


Of course, if you’re taking a daily prescribed medication, make sure to include that in your luggage. Also, packing some light pain medication can really be useful for the occasional headache. Even some nausea medication might be helpful if you feel sick during your flight or get adventurous and unlucky with a meal during your vacation.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how to plan your next timeshare vacation.