Starwood Discount Code with Interval International

Starwood-Discount-Code-with-Interval-InternationalStarwood Vacation Network owners are in luck! Interval International is offering a discount for SVN owners to upgrade their membership status to Gold or Platinum. Keep reading to find out exactly what discounts and benefits you will receive by using the Starwood discount code with Interval International.

Gold or Platinum Discount

For those of you timeshare owners who love to use your points and weeks for more than just visiting the same resort each year, upgrading your membership could be of significant value to you. New owners can enjoy more perks without paying the full prices and long-time owners can see what they have been missing. Below are the different packages available when you use the promo code.

Promotional Rates:

1 Year II gold membership is $29.50 + a free gift*

2 year II gold membership is $59 + a free gift*

1 year II platinum membership is $65.50 + a free gift

2 year II platinum membership is $129 + a free gift

*Zippered tote bag

Perhaps you have been feeling uneasy about upgrading in the past because you are not sure if you will use the upgraded status enough to warrant the additional yearly cost on top of the regular membership status. This discount may be a way to test those, proverbial, waters and find out.

Upgraded Status Benefits

Gold Membership Benefits:

  • $25 Getaway discounts
  • Shortstay Exchange (1-6 nights using some sort of points system)
  • Travel & Entertainment Discounts
  • Interval options – Trade resort time toward the purchase of a cruise, tour, golf or spa vacation
  • VIP Concierge
  • Global Emergency Travel Services – 70% off annual membership plan that includes emergency evacuation services when travel
  • Entertainment Hotel Dining and Leisure Discounts
  • Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Platinum Membership Benefits:

In addition to Gold membership benefits:

  • $50 Getaway discounts (instead of $25 discount)
  • Free Guest Certificates
  • Priority exclusive access to Getaways availability before other members
  • Platinum Escapes – Discounted last-minute Getaways available by special email invitation only
  • Companion Airline Travel Program – participating cities only
  • Airport Lounge membership – Complimentary membership in the Standard Priority pass program ($99 value) that gives you access to more than 700 airport VIP lounges for a per person fee.

westin mandatory vs voluntaryWill You Use It?

Although we are presenting a great deal for Starwood owners to upgrade their II membership, it is important to make sure that you will get your money’s
worth. Gold and Platinum memberships offer many perks, but how many of those will you consistently use? How will the use of those benefits offset the cost of the upgraded membership?

If you are unsure in your commitment to diligently utilizing these features, it may be best to skip this discount and maintain a regular membership status or just upgrade to Gold status. However, if you are interested in exchanging, and using the membership benefits; this discount can definitely save you some money.

Promo Code:


The Grand Finale

Are you still interested? The wait is over and the reading is done. The promo code is 50Star, so enjoy your benefits but be sure to use the code before the expiration date on 12/31/14. If you have any questions or would like a free consultation about the Starwood Vacation Network, feel free to fill out a form on our contact us page, and one of our licensed agents will be happy to assist you.