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    top event week at marriott resorts

    Top Event Weeks At Marriott Resorts

    Published by David Van Norman

    National holidays, school breaks, festivals and events are a time when resorts and vacation destinations are especially busy and notoriously difficult to book. Each year during the weeks in which these festivities fall tourists are met with low availability and…

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    Marriott’s 12-Month Reservation Policy Explained

    Published by David Van Norman

    For those of you who love planning in advance, or are scheduling a vacation during a very busy time of year, Marriott’s 12-month reservation policy will come in handy. Several years ago Marriott changed its reservation policy allowing guests to…

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    How Marriott’s Internal Exchange Priority Window Works

    Published by David Van Norman

    Exchanging Marriott Vacation weeks through Interval International is a great way to get more out of an MVC membership. Interval International has over 2,500 resorts in over 80 countries around the world that are part of their exchange program. One…

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    How Borrowing and Banking Points Work With Marriott Vacation Club

    Published by David Van Norman

    Knowing the ins and out of managing points as a Marriott Vacation Club owner is extremely beneficial in getting the most out of an MVC vacation ownership. Learning all the possible options can help owners make the best decisions in…

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    Marriott Vacation Club’s Seasons Explained

    Published by David Van Norman

    Similar to many vacation ownership programs, Marriott Vacation Club splits the 52 weeks of each year into seasons. Mainly, MVC’s seasons are used for sales purposes to determine the price of weeks being sold based on expected sales demand of…

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    How Marriott Vacation Club’s Right of First Refusal Works

    Published by David Van Norman

    What is the Right of First Refusal? Like many vacation ownership companies, Marriott’s vacation ownership contracts include a Right of First Refusal clause which states that Marriott may purchase a Marriott Vacation contract that an owner is trying to sell…

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