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Seth Nock is the owner and lead broker of Selling Timeshares, Inc. Seth has been in the timeshare business since the late 1990’s, and ultimately incorporated Selling Timeshares in 2005. He has since earned his Real Estate broker’s license in California, in addition to his New York licensing, and employs licensed Real Estate agents in both states. Since 2005, Selling Timeshares has gone from solely selling Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott ownerships on the resale market, to supplying customers with a variety of vacation ownership brands such as WorldMark by Wyndham, Disney Vacation Club, Westin by Starwood, Club Intrawest, and Royal Resorts.

Seth’s innate focus on service by finding the right ownership for each owner, at the best price, has gained him a notable reputation for being a reliable and honest source on the many online forums he engages with. Seth is known as a trusted voice on the Timeshare Users Group (TUG) as well as WMOwners.

In an industry that has been plagued with fraud and illegitimate business practices over the years, Seth has instilled this mindset of integrity without compromise in each agent at Selling Timeshares, Inc. His leadership has paved the way for his ever growing population of employees. The culture that has developed within the company allows for a remarkably fun, responsible and consultative approach to enabling your dream vacations.

Our sales team makes sure that your personal style of traveling is accounted for. While the marketing team focuses on starting meaning conversations with the timeshare community, which is shown by their commitment to releasing timeshare articles and informative videos on their YouTube Channel.

Thanks to Seth, Selling Timeshares has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is highly respected throughout the timeshare industry.

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Seth is originally from New York, and studied at City University of New York City College. There he studied for, and received, his Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Education. From there, Seth went to the University of California, Berkeley for a masters of Public Health. Seth attended New York medical college, and began selling timeshares for extra spending cash while in school.

He stumbled upon a company that was listing timeshare resale ads in exchange for a large upfront fee. When Seth noticed that this company was not actively marketing or trying to sell the ownerships, he leveraged his connections on the forums, and with other brokers in the industry to help get these ownerships sold. These early transactions signaled the birth of Seth’s new-found passion in helping so many people achieve their dream vacations, while assisting existing owners in selling in an integritous fashion.

Other Pursuits

Although Seth has spent a large amount of time expanding his timeshare business, he also has a number of other endeavors in hospitality, residential and commercial real estate, as well as timeshare development consulting.

Nock Realty is a family-owned company based in Manhattan, which focuses on cooperative and condominium apartments within Manhattan. Seth’s mother and sister work by his side to offer a boutique Real Estate experience for their clients.

Seth also owns and manages multiple properties in Boston and California. He recently built to aid his entry into the hospitality business.

Outside of the real estate market, Seth plays a role with his brother’s dentistry practice. Zenthea Dental Spa is a top-of-the-line dentistry that focuses on innovative and modern approaches to dental health. One of their main focuses is modified Invisalign technology to straighten teeth, reduce snoring and alleviate TMJ pain. Located in Midtown Manhattan, Zenthea is just one more example of Seth’s versatility and ingenuity as a businessman.

In October of 2013, Seth adopted a baby girl named Madison. He has taken to fatherhood and enjoys working from home while spending time with his beautiful daughter.

Seth Nock

Seth is constantly looking to the future to help his customers have the best experience possible. His agents are held to the standard that he has set for himself, which includes expert knowledge on many vacation products, and integrity without compromise. We are excited to invite you into the Selling Timeshares, Inc. family! Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our newest videos and articles!