Selling Timeshares, Inc. Set To Offer Free Consultations For Timeshare Owners and Buyers

Due to the rampant misinformation and the many scams existing on the timeshare resale market, Selling Timeshares, Inc., a licensed real estate brokerage specializing in WorldMark resale, is now offering free over the phone consultations for timeshare owners and first time buyers.

Know the Value

Whatever a buyer will pay, and whatever other sellers will accept is what any ownership is worth in today’s market. Be realistic about comparing ownerships when doing market value analysis. Remember, what a timeshare is listed for is not always what the ownership is sold for. Most brokerages let the seller choose the asking price, so keep in mind, the asking prices seen online, are what the seller is asking, not what the buyer is offering.

Avoid The Pitfalls

Get all terms in writing; make sure all parties understand what the yearly maintenance dues are. Make sure the trading power of the resort or particular week is strong.

It is very easy for a dishonest brokerage to over-quote, or under-quote the value of the ownership to try and entice the client into paying an upfront fee. Actually delivering on that price is a much taller order. After the client has paid them the upfront fee, the incentive to help sell the vacation ownership at a good price is effectively gone.

What To Look For

Buyers should look for a licensed brokerage who has experience with the property they are interested in. Go for the highest amount of usage, lowest price, and safest transfer possible. Know the value of the ownership prior to placing an offer.

Sellers should look for a brokerage that will offer you a free listing with no obligation to sell the ownership. If they cannot get an offer at the top end of the market value for the ownership they should not be forced to sell or pay anything.

Every offer should be voiced in a contract form. If someone has an offer, and refuses to put it in writing, it should not be considered valid. Any honest timeshare broker will forward a purchase agreement that can be reviewed by a lawyer to ensure all terms are fair and equal for all parties concerned.

Fill out their contact form, to get set up with a free consultation and market analysis.

About Selling Timeshares, Inc.

Selling Timeshares is comprised of a group of Licensed Real Estate Professionals with years of knowledge of the most valuable vacation networks offered in today’s market. They are a full service timeshare resale brokerage that does not charge an upfront fee to sell.