Hyatt Vacation Club


The Hyatt Vacation Club offers the flexibility of a points-based vacation ownership with exchange opportunities, and access to the worldwide Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. Hyatt Vacation Club entered the vacation ownership industry in 1994 with Hyatt Sunset Harbor in Key West, Florida. Hyatt’s focus is high quality at incomparable settings by creating “boutique” resorts with luxurious accommodations, fine amenities, and intimate nature.

If you are interested in learning how to buy or sell a timeshare within the Hyatt Vacation Club, feel free to browse our website or contact us for more information.

The Buying & Selling Process

Selling Timeshares, Inc. has many Hyatt Vacation Club Properties available for resale. Visit the Hyatt Listings section for prices or feel free to make an offer.

If you are a Hyatt Vacation Club owner interested in selling your property, please fill out the form in the Sellers section.

The transfer process for Hyatt Vacation Club is very quick and easy. Both buyer and seller must fill out and sign four transfer forms which then get forwarded to Hyatt Transfers Department to process the transfer. The entire resale transfer process takes approximately 8-10 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

General information on how to use, buy, and sell Hyatt Properties on the resale market.

Q: Can pricing fluctuate based on the home resort location?

A: Yes, purchase prices are a function of home resort location, villa size, and season week. Annual maintenance fees include insurance, taxes and membership with Interval International (II). There is no additional cost for II and the membership renews annually. All elements flow down to a resale purchase from a Hyatt Vacation Club owner.

Q: What are my options for usage as an owner?

A: Owners have an exclusive right to use their villa for the entire fixed week or any portion thereof. Should an owner decide to enjoy a smaller sized villa, stay a period less than one week, or not stay at the home resort, the remaining unused portion will automatically convert to VC points. The VC points may be applied to the home resort, other Hyatt Vacation Club resorts, participating Hyatt Hotels & Resorts (every other year), or the II External Exchange Program. There is no charge to convert to VC points and the points may also be borrowed from the next year of usage.

An 18-month club reservation window with 3 unique periods governs options for villa reservation and use of VC points. Points expire 6-months following the owned week. All transactions of club resort time (including II) are conducted through the Hyatt VC representative at 1-800-GO-HYATT.

Q: What exchange options are there with Hyatt?

A: All Hyatt Vacation Club properties are II 5-star resorts and II provides Hyatt owners with an exclusive priority arrangement for resort exchange. All or a portion of VC points may be used to travel with II. The amount of points used is a function of the II Season and the size of the villa to be used. The II membership is restricted to depositing only Hyatt properties. Hyatt properties cannot be deposited into other non-Hyatt/II memberships.

Q: Can I buy a less expensive resort and use VC points for a more desirable location?

A: With regard to VC points, Hyatt does not draw a distinction between resorts. Therefore, a person could minimize costs by purchasing an affordable villa and using VC points to stay at Hyatt resorts that may be selling at a higher price. In addition, by staying at a smaller villa during a lower demand season week, an owner can enjoy multiple stays during the course of the year, either at Hyatt VC resorts and/or II exchange. For example, if you owned a 2BR villa, you could choose not to use it, but rather enjoy a 1BR and a Studio at other Hyatt VC resorts; OR a 1BR and Studio at an II resort; OR a combination of 1BR and Studio at Hyatt and II.

Q: As an owner, am I assisted in trading with II?

A: Consistent with the Hyatt brand and overall corporate quality, the Hyatt staffs at the resorts and VC have been extremely friendly and helpful in making stays a very pleasurable experience. They make every effort to respond to any question or exchange request and offer ways to create the greatest value to the owner in the membership program.

Q: What in-unit amenities should I expect as a Hyatt Vacation Club owner?

The units have been very well maintained, are clean, comfortable, well stocked, and graciously present the Hyatt brand quality in every respect. Among other things, the villas have multiple TVs, a VCR/DVD, CD player and Jacuzzi spas. Plasma or LCD HDTVs can be found in the newer properties. Some resorts offer lockout units and town houses.

Hyatt Vacation Club resortss are affiliated with multiple exchange companies, which offer thousands of resorts to trade with. Visit our Hyatt Vacation Club resale inventory section for a current list of inventory.


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