Rescuing, Converting and Banking with Hilton Grand Vacation Club

How to convert HGVC to Honors

The end of the year always seems to come a little faster than anticipated. As an HGVC owner, you have some important decisions to make to get the best value out of your Club Points by either reserving them early in the Use Year, or rescuing them. If you had remaining points from last year that went unused, you may need to start planning early in the year to determine how to get the best value out of your points.

In this article, we’ll walk you through utilizing some nifty benefits that Hilton offers, such as how to rescue, convert or bank your HGVC points.

Rescuing Your Club Points

December 31 is the last day of the HGVC use year, and after that, last year’s points will be lost unless you convert them. Your remaining points must be rescued to be used at Hilton and/or RCI properties in the future. If you rescue your points, they can be used in the next year along with the points you would normally receive for that year. There is a $69 fee to rescue this year’s remaining points and use them in the next year.

How to convert HGVC to Honors

If you would like to convert your points for use in the worldwide network of Hilton Hotels, you can convert them to Hilton HHonors points.

Convert Your Club Points to Hilton Hhonors

When you convert your Hilton timeshare points to HHonors points for the next year, you get 25 points for every one Hilton timeshare point. To do this, there is a $69 fee to complete this action. Hilton HHonors points allows you to use your timeshare points and even more locations outside of the extensive collection of timeshare resorts already available to you. If you are not planning on doing any traveling for next year, there is one more option.

How to bank hilton club points

Banking Your Vacation Time

For those who want to bank next year’s points using Hilton’s banking system, can deposit next year’s points and save them for use as regular Hilton Club Points for up to two years away. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to convert these points for Hilton Hhonors points later. This process is also charged a $69 fee. This option can save you money from needing to convert this year’s points into next year’s and then again into two years away. Skip the extra work and fees and rescue your points and bank them for use as regular Hilton Club Points for up to two years away.

If you have any questions about how to rescue, convert or bank your HGVC points, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.