New Years Eve 2011 – 2012

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Did this year seem to fly by? The time to buy a new calendar is finally upon us. Now it’s your chance to fill that calendar with something to look forward to. The break-neck pace that the world is operating on can really make the time fly, so when you look back what do you want to remember? In this article, we will show you how to plan your New Year’s party for 2011 – 2012.

Ball Drop in New York City

New York holds a special place for all Americans. Each year, massive crowds hold their breath for the annual Ball Drop in Times Square. Over a billion people view the Ball Drop across the world, saying farewell to the year while holding their breath. The show features a star-studded musical performance as well as balloons, confetti, a world famous fireworks show which is shared by about a million people crammed into the center of the city.

Parties in Las Vegas

Everyone knows Vegas is party central, but you may just be surprised at how many people enjoy the strip for their New Year’s Celebration. The clubs in Vegas are holding countless parties featuring Kourtney Kardashian at Chateau, Fergie at 1-0AK, and Chris Brown at Pure in the beautiful Bellagio Resort and Casino. The Vegas Strip is sure to be one of the best places available to bring in the New Year.

Fireworks in San Francisco

Whether you’re going to party it up in one the city’s popular dance clubs such as Ruby Skye or City Nights, or you’d prefer a low-key, snuggle-inducing fireworks display by the bayside, San Francisco is an excellent place to spend your New Years celebration. Each year over 200,000 San Franciscans bundle up for a waterfront fireworks tradition as the city hosts a free waterfront midnight fireworks show in The Embarcadero. Each year new pyrotechnic technics are displayed and many brave souls like kayak into the bay for a front row view of the show.

Cruises Abroad

There are countless cruises all across the world that would be a great setting for ringing in the New Year. With the WM Explorer Club, you can choose from SFX’s Diamond Rewards Cruise inventory, which features a few days to a week on a cruise line at massively discounted prices, some for as little as a few hundred dollars per person. Feel free to contact us for more information on discounted cruises and weeks offered through our WM Explorer program.

These are just a few great ideas for ushering in the New Year, but your imagination is the only limit to your vacations. If you have other ways you’ll be spending your special evening, feel free to let us know by commenting on the Selling Timeshares Inc. Facebook page or tweeting this article with buttons to the left of the page. Happy New Year Fellow Travelers!