New WorldMark Orlando Resort Announcement

If you’ve been holding you’re breathe for another resort in Orlando, WorldMark by Wyndham is the company that’s coming to the rescue with their announcement of a new resort in Orlando, named Reunion.

“Have you heard the news? We have a new addition to WorldMark, The Club! Find out more about WorldMark Orlando — Reunion by visiting the Resort Report or search now for reservation availability! We are now accepting reservations for arrivals starting October 5!”

-Quoted from

That’s right, beginning October 5th, 2012, you will have one more choice when traveling to Florida, and as you see below there’s quite a bit of inventory! Reservations for the resort are up and running, but it looks like there are only 3 bedroom units for the taking. At 17,000 credits a week, this would be one expensive vacation, but those of you with expiring credits winking you in the face may want to hop on this train.

Worldmark reunion in orlando florida