How Much Does Marriott Vacation Club Cost?

How Much Does Marriott Vacation Club Cost?As one of the most prevalent timeshare and hotel companies in current times, Marriott may be a very strong candidate for your first or next timeshare purchase. But before that, you will want to understand their general costs to see if it is something within your budget while still being a property with desirable ownership. Within this article we will run down some average costs to give you a better idea of what you might be paying.

Initial Cost

The initial cost of your Marriott timeshare is the purchase price you pay to become an owner of the property. The initial cost of a resale will be much lower than the initial cost of a timeshare bought at a presentation.

You can review specific pricing on our Marriott Listings page.


Charged at the time of purchase, a deposit payment is required which is deposited into escrow. This payment can also be referred to as a “good faith” deposit, showing the buyers; interest in completing the transaction.

Monthly Payments

Monthly Payments are similar to paying rent on your property, and are substantially less outright cost than your initial down payment, but do tend to end up being more than your down payment by the end of the year. Many owners who choose to purchase a resale account, can forego financing the purchase due to a much lower initial cost. Which saves them a monthly payment.

Annual Maintenance Fees

Annual maintenance fees are to be paid once per year. These fees are to be put towards upkeep of the timeshare property. Annual maintenance fees are based on the property that you are deeded to. For example, an owner of a property in Las Vegas will generally pay lower maintenance fees than an owner in Hawaii due to varying tax liability between locations.

Annual Club Dues

This cost is charged as you maintain your Marriott club membership, and remains a static cost regardless of your ownership purchase. The current cost can fluctuate depending on inflation or as Marriott deems necessary, so paying attention to your annual club dues is good practice to stay on top of your budgeting.

With this general pricing rundown, as well as visiting our Marriott Resort Directory, you can more knowledgeably budget to purchase your ideal timeshare location.

If you have any additional questions on Marriott timeshares or their pricing, feel free to contact us.