Marriott’s 12-Month Reservation Policy Explained

For those of you who love planning in advance, or are scheduling a vacation during a very busy time of year, Marriott’s 12-month reservation policy will come in handy. Several years ago Marriott changed its reservation policy allowing guests to book up to 12 months in advance in order to try to accomodate guests who would like to book reservations a year out. Here is how Marriott’s 12-month reservation policy works.


Marriott’s 12-month reservation applies to those who are owners of a single week or are looking to book a single week at their home resort. These owners have the option to contact member services a full year in advance of the week’s earliest check-in date to book your reservation. 


For example, you’re a single week owner looking to book into your home resort, Shadow Ridge in Palm Desert for week 3, 2021. The available check-in dates for week 3, 2021 at Shadow Ridge are Friday, January 15; Saturday, January 16; or Sunday, January 17. In this case you may contact member services as early as 9AM Eastern time on Wednesday, January 15 of 2020 to check availability and confirm your reservation. When you contact members services the reservation agent will check availability of your week and discuss the possible check in days. You can then book your reservation with preferred check-in. 

This process can be completed either over the phone with member services or online at your convenience. Keep in mind that the earliest possible date you call the book, the better your chances are for booking your week. Therefore, if you are looking to book a very popular week, i.e. a holiday week, spring break or a week that falls during a special event in the area, be sure to contact member services or log on by 9AM Eastern time 12 months before the earliest check-in date for your desired week. 

For those who own multiple weeks and are looking to book a consecutive week reservation, you actually have the unique opportunity to book 13 months in advance of your check-in date. The same rules apply as above but instead you get one extra month priority when booking your reservation. 

Taking advantage of Marriott’s 12-month (and 13-month) reservation policy can be a huge benefit to members planning to travel during high demand weeks. To confirm available check-in dates for Marriott locations and weeks, visit the following link for Marriott’s weeks calendars. For more information about Marriott’s booking policies, contact us at any time.