Marriott Vacations Worldwide Publicly Traded on NY Stock Exchange

Due to the recession, many vacation clubs had taken a hit financially. In a move to maintain its high standards that their customers have come to know and expect, Marriott created a spinoff of it’s timeshare company to become publicly traded, in November of 2011. The company development: Marriott Vacations Worldwide is now using this move to create more development opportunities and expand beyond what they were capable of as Marriott International.

What Does This Mean For Owners?

For current owners, there will not be much change except there will be opportunity to continue purchasing shares in Marriott Vacation Club, Ritz-Carlton Destination Club and the Grand Residences by Marriott. This move will also give the brand more exposure that it would not otherwise have.

Present Day Marriott

After the first day on the market, Marriott Vacations Worldwide (VAC on the stock exchange) closed at just over $17 per share. In the current market, Marriott’s stock (VAC) is hovering at around $43 per share.

Marriott is still one of the premier brands in the timeshare industry and doing very well on the resale market. It appears that the move to create the publicly traded spinoff has paid off for them. Marriott has maintained their high level of customer service and their properties remain some of the most sought after. This translates to high trading power with exchanges and trades as well as good value for resale.

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