Marriott Vacation Club Resorts That Trade With Both II And RCI

Most Marriott Vacation Club owners are familiar with the Interval International exchange program which allows Club owners to exchange their weeks or points to stay at one of the 2,500 resorts that are part of the II network. What some may not know is that a select few Marriott Vacation Club resorts can trade with both II and RCI. Below is a list of the locations that possess this unique ability to trade with both exchange companies.

If you’re an owner of one of these Marriott Vacation Club locations be sure to remember that you have the option to trade with both II or RCI next time you’re booking your vacation. That gives you have access to an additional 6,300 resorts to choose from for a trade. Of course, also keep in mind that if you do choose to use the RCI exchange network you will need to purchase a membership to RCI which is currently $99 annually for weeks members and $124 for points members. 

Are you looking to become an owner at one of these Marriott Vacation Club resorts? Feel free to contact us for more information about how to purchase these great resorts for much less than the presentations!