Marriott Vacation Club Nightmare

Marriott Vacation Club NightmareIf you have been looking around for a timeshare for even a short amount of time, chances are that you have been offered a gift to attend or have already attended a timeshare presentation. The high pressure situations that you are put in can be uncomfortable and highly emotional, leading you to make a purchase without doing the proper research. Imagine the nightmare of buying a property for $30,000.00 only to find if you chose to buy a resale Marriott timeshare, you would get it for less than half of that. If you are looking to purchase a vacation ownership without the timeshare nightmare, you may want to consider a resale timeshare ownership.

Timeshare Presentations

Timeshare brands have cleverly designed a way to lure potential customers into their presentations. They will offer very attractively priced trips, free trips and other gifts that seem like a great deal for attending one presentation. Unfortunately, these presentations are not what they are made out to be.

Timeshare presentations have been long known for their high pressure style of selling property. Many consumers are lured into buying something that may not necessarily want or need. On top of that, they are usually geared towards the property that the presentation is at, and will be focused on selling property there, rather than somewhere else that might be a better purchase for your personal style of traveling.

Is There Another Option?

Another option, is speaking with a reputable and licensed timeshare broker. Legitimate brokers will never ask for an upfront fee nor will they pressure you into buying something that is not right for you. Resale brokers will have a variety of brands and locations for you, as a buyer, to choose from.

Having a consultation is far more enjoyable than being pressured into buying something that you don’t want. Your experience will also be enhanced by the fact that you will be paying a percentage of what you will on the retail market. It is nice to get the gift from a timeshare presentation but for many, it’s a small amount compared to the price tag of the retail ownership. All the gifts that are given away, are worked into the final price of retail timeshare ownerships. With a reputable broker, the seller will pay commission at the finalization of the transaction and the prices will be closer to the real value of the ownership itself, without you paying the high costs of marketing through the presentations.

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