Marriott Timeshares: The Difference Between Retail and Resale

For first-time buyers of Marriott timeshares, there are some distinct differences between retail and resale. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of those differences and educating you about why resale Marriott  timeshares can be purchased at massively discounted prices on the secondary market.

Marriott Destination Points

In 2010, Marriott Vacation Club introduced a points-based reservation system where buyer purchase points rather than designated weeks, this is known as the Destination Points. However, when purchasing a resale Marriott property, Destination Points cannot be offered to the resale market and therefore you will be purchasing a floating week at one specific location.

Due to the “free-for-all” structure of a points-based system, some owners prefer the ability to know for sure that they can get the availability they need for the size of unit, location, or week each and every year. This way of reserving your vacation will never be as flexible as a points-based ownership, but you won’t wind up sacrificing the location, size of unit, or time of year that you travel, based on availability. Keep in mind, you can always trade your week with the leading timeshare exchange companies,  II or SFX, if you need to put some spice in your vacations.

Luxurious, Yet Affordable

The difference in price can be considerable between a resale broker and the presentations. To give an example of the difference in cost: a Platinum 2 bedroom Ocean Side room at the Ocean Pointe location could go for around $11,000 on the resale market but with the Destination Club, it would cost as little as $30,000. That is no small difference.

Prospective buyers should study resale market prices and understand the differences before making a decision on whether to buy from Marriott or to buy from a licensed timeshare resale broker.

The Resale Broker’s Approach

In addition to the high cost, the presentations for timeshares are extremely high pressure. Many presentations will offer a gift to get you to attend and then use high pressure sales to drive up emotion to make the sale. You’re forced into a stressful environment when you should be having fun dreaming up your perfect vacation!

In many cases, you will be taking a tour for one property. The agent will push you to buy the particular property that you are visiting, rather than being able to show you multiple listings from multiple sellers at a myriad of the most sought-after resorts in Marriott’s resort network. This allows you to take your pick of the location that works the best for you, or is priced the most aggressively.

If you would like to know more about Marriott timeshare resale, please contact us. Our licensed agents can answer any remaining questions you have or offer a free consultation to find the best ownership for you.