Marriott Timeshare Broker Services

Services to Help Buy or Sell Marriott TimesharesThere are a few ways to buy and sell, but using a company that offers Marriott timeshare brokerage services can be a great way to either find exactly what you are looking for or make sure your property is sold in a legal, safe manner. Using a licensed and trustworthy broker provides a stress free way to handle your timeshare needs. In this article, we’ll be covering how a broker should manage their listings, consult with potential buyers and even assist with transfer services.

Advertising Agency vs. Timeshare Broker Services

Any company asking for an upfront fee to sell or buy your timeshare is most likely not going to be able to produce results for you. Many of these companies are advertising agencies that are not licensed to sell your ownership, and are only interested in collecting up-front listing fees.

What makes this situation worse, is that many of these companies will entice their clients into paying them by quoting the resale value far above current fair market value. It is important to do your due diligence by viewing as many Marriott resale listings as possible before purchasing or listing your ownership.

On the other hand, a trusted and licensed broker will only collect a commission if the property is sold. This is similar to a regular Real Estate transaction, where the broker is paid from escrow at closing. Also, using a broker gives you access to many advertizing advantages that you would not otherwise have access to on your own. Licensed resale agents will generally specialize in their respective vacation club and be able to facilitate the sale at a level of professionalism that is above a person-to-person transfer. With free listings and no obligation to sell, you can decide on your own terms when to make the sale of your property.

What Can I Expect?

As a prospective buyer, you should receive a consultation so your broker can assess what your traveling needs are going to be. Based on your family size and what you are looking for from your vacation ownership, you’re broker may suggest different vacation clubs or simply a season that caters to your personal style. For example, if you have a family of 5 that all like to ski, it would not make sense to look into a studio in a tropical location such as Florida or Hawaii. Using the information from the consultation, your broker can find a suitable vacation ownership that will fit within your budgetary and preferential constraints.

As a prospective seller, you should request a free over-the-phone market analysis with your broker to determine the current resale of your property as well as a suggested listing price. This will be determined by the other ownerships, that are comparable to yours, and have sold for recently. Keep in mind, the closer your expectations are to the real resale value of your ownership, the quicker your ownership will sell.

These two consultative approaches to buying and selling timeshares gives the customer a better experience,  a more cost effective way of purchasing as well as a safer transaction.

Get Your Free Consultation

If you would like a free consultation or just have any remaining questions about any of the services above, feel free to contact us and we’ll have one of our licensed agents reach out to you.