Marriott Exchange Priority with Interval International

Using exchange companies can be a great way to vacation away from your home resort. The Marriott exchange priority with Interval International (II) allows Marriott owners a first look into vacation possibilities before anyone else. No matter who you are, it is always great to enjoy some priority treatment.

Marriott Exchange Priority

In the II system, Marriott owners get a first look at other Marriott properties in the system. The exchange weight of your Marriott home property still holds within this program but you still have a certain time period of priority before the rest of the II members can view that property. The length of the priority period will change based on when the check-in dates are. The closer to the occupancy date, the shorter the preferential period is. The priority period can be as long as 24 days and as short as 3.

Exchanging with Interval International

Many timeshare owners own multiple weeks and some own their weeks with different timeshare clubs. Marriott owners will always be able to see the priority Marriott weeks that are available but if they own weeks from different clubs, they will not be able to use those weeks to exchange for a Marriott priority week. Owners must use their Marriott weeks to reserve and exchange for the Marriott week(s).

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