Just How Important Is Vacation for Overall Health?

“Do we live in a world that values 20 minutes of work done over an hour of relaxation, recreation or creativity?”

With the economy still in recovery from the bursting of the real estate bubble, Americans are taking fewer days off than many other developed countries around the world. Based on statements from the World Tourism Organization, Americans take an average of 13 paid days off each year, which seems high for most Americans we know, but is truly dwarfed by the average of 34 paid days off taken in Brazil, 37 days in France or even 42 for Italy. There must be some reason why our society isn’t traveling like others.

Decrease in Wages to Blame?

Some say this can be explained by the simple fact that when compared to the current cost of living, American’s median wage has decreased in the last 10 years, and we are either working more hours and more jobs, or having to cut expenses. Neither situation is conducive to going on vacation.

Others claim it is our insatiable social struggle for productivity in the US. Do we live in a world that values 20 minutes of work done over an hour of relaxation and recreation? Perhaps taking your friends on an adventurous trips, or your family to that place you all go every year, is viewed as opulent, or too lavish a luxury for the common person in today’s society.

Why hasn’t travel been something the middle class has inherited as a ‘standard of living’? Most of us now have cars and microwaves, which were once only attainable by the wealthiest of the nation.

Vacation For Wellness

Not only do other countries offer more vacation time, culturally and socially, you are encouraged to take it. Some companies are even going as far as to require employees to take time off. Do they know something we don’t?

So to answer the question, just how important is taking that healthier vacation? It is extremely important, and dare we say, imperative to a truly healthy, well-rounded individual.

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