Interesting Timeshare Facts and Figures

– There are over 7 million timeshare owners worldwide, and the United States claims over 30%

– 97% of timeshare owners answered saying timeshare resorts are as just as good or better than hotels, especially considering long term costs

Timeshares sales add nearly 10 billion dollars to the global travel market each year

– Vacation ownership resorts provide year-round employment to help grow local economies

– 30,000 timeshare owners where surveyed, which yielded 7 out of 10 timeshare recommendations from owners

– When surveyed, 96% timeshare owners say that timeshares are an easier and superior experience to finding and paying for hotels

– On average, a timeshare owner takes 2 vacations annually, non-timeshare owners average less than 1 per year in the US

– On average, timeshare owners own 1.51 weeks (or separate ownerships), meaning it’s relatively common to buy another timeshare after the initial purchase

– 80% of all timeshare units are filled at any given moment

– Timeshare resort clubs can be found in over 100 countries across the globe

– There are approximately 6,500 timeshares worldwide. The United States claims over 30% of all owners.

View the Department of Economic and Social Affairs’ Global Timeshare Tourism Statistics as of 2005 in PDF format.