How To Use Hilton Grand Vacation Club Points

How To Use Hilton Grand Vacation Club PointsEach year that you travel to your timeshare, requires preparation and a good idea of how you want to use your Hilton ClubPoints. We have put together several Hilton Grand Vacation Club booking tips that will help owners get the most out of their property and/or points. Read on to get a feel for what we’re talking about.

Early Booking

Every January 1st, each owner is awarded their allotment of points for the calendar year. With these points, owners can book another property during the Club Reservation Period or wait for their Home Week Reservation Period and book their deeded home week. Hilton Grand Vacations Club’s concept behind the home week reservation period is for owners to get exactly what they pay for, without the hassle of making sure you have to be on their website the minute reservations are available. What you buy is what you get without any hassle. If you chose to book another location, it’s as simple as finding the unit and location you want and reserving with your points over the reservation phone number or via the online reservation portal.

Between 12 and 9 months from check-in, owners have the luxury of three months to book their home week. If they want to use the same location, same week but different unit size, then owners have to wait until the 9 month mark, when they become available to everyone and use their points to book the different unit size. The flexibility gives owners to use their points to book another vacation somewhere else before the Home Reservation Period, during or even after.

Using Hilton ClubPoints Efficiently

HGVC’s points system makes booking easy. Based on the number of points you have, you can use those points for reservations elsewhere within the Hilton Grand Vacation Club system. Say goodbye to trading and finding the right exchange to get the vacation you want. With Hilton’s ClubPoints, if you have enough points, you can book the reservation. It’s as simple as that. If that’s not easy enough, Hilton makes using your points with RCI just as easy. So even if you want to book a vacation at another club, you can easily convert your points with RCI and book your trip. Hilton and RCI even have charts to help owners see exactly how their points can be used and where.

Club Points Values For RCI Exchanges:

Per Week Per Night
Mon-Fri Sat-Sun
Red 2400 240 480
White 1700 170 340
Blue 1200 120 240
1 Bed
Red 3400 340 680
White 2400 240 480
Blue 1700 170 340
2 Bed
Red 4800 480 960
White 3400 340 680
Blue 2400 240 480
3 Bed
Red 5800 580 1160
White 4000 400 800
Blue 2900 290 580

Each calendar year, owners will receive another allotment of points but will lose the unused points. However, owners are able to deposit the unused points into the next year’s ClubPoints, or convert the Club Points to Hilton HHonors Points. Below are two charts that helps explain borrowing from future use years as well as depositing unused points to be used in the future.

Borrowing Your ClubPoints:

Hilton Booking Scenario 1

Depositing ClubPoints with HGVC:

Hilton Booking Scenario 2


HGVC has truly made it easy for owners to book their home resort or another resort flawlessly. Even when booking with RCI, owners only need to call their reservation hotline to book a reservation at a resort outside of the HGVC collection. Owners have the luxury of knowing that they will be able to reserve their home resort each year, within the home week reservation period. The Club Reservation Window and Open Season Reservation Window give owners an opportunity to visit other resorts as well as booking last minute reservations with cash, at discounted rates.

If you are interested in owning a Hilton Grand Vacation Club resale timeshare, this article may be very helpful and informative. If you would like to speak to an agent to receive more information, feel free to contact us here.