How To Sell A Marriott Timeshare

Are you looking into how to sell a Marriott timeshare? There are a few considerations for the sale, and in this article we’ll be walking you through the various concepts surrounding the marketing and eventual transfer of your Marriott ownership. If you want to sell your Marriott timeshare with no upfront fees, you’re at the right website.

Marketing Your Ownership

In order to successfully sell your ownership, you will need a good plan for marketing the ownership. The more exposure you get, the quicker you can sell and get out of maintenance fees. Keep in mind, while the ownership is on the market, you will still be responsible for keeping the account current with Marriott. Buyer’s won’t want to pay back maintenance, and Marriott will not let you transfer the ownership unless you’re current on your fees.

You can choose to sell the ownership on your own, but utilizing a resale broker can be very little risk if you are offered a free listing for your timeshare. It’s true, there are many companies who will want to charge you upfront, but any honest broker will offer you a free listing with no obligation to sell. This way, if you end up selling it on your own, or listing with another company, you won’t be losing out on a fee you’ve already paid. It really is the best of both worlds!

When choosing the marketing plan that is best for you, consider the following:

1.) How much exposure will your ownership get?

2.) Is your asking price in line with the other ownerships that you will compete with?

3.) Are you being asked to pay an up-front fee, without any guarantee that the ownership will be sold?

4.) If you sign a listing agreement, are you able to still market the ownership on your own?

5.) If you’re working with a broker, do they carry the appropriate Real Estate licensing?

To learn more about how to transfer a Marriott timeshare, follow the link. If you have any remaining questions feel free to contact us by filling in a quick online form.