How Marriott’s Internal Exchange Priority Window Works

Exchanging Marriott Vacation weeks through Interval International is a great way to get more out of an MVC membership. Interval International has over 2,500 resorts in over 80 countries around the world that are part of their exchange program. One of the great perks of being a Marriott owner and a member of Interval International is that Marriott owners receive priority booking into select resorts. Here is how Marriott’s internal exchange priority window works.

Any member if Interval International can deposit their vacation week into II and exchange that week for another that has also been deposited into the Interval International network. However, Marriott owners who deposit their weeks into II receive the unique privilege of a priority booking window when exchanging their Marriott week for another week at a Marriott property.

When a Marriott owner deposits their week into II that week is essentially put on and internal hold for a designated amount of time. While the week is on “hold” it can only be booked by other Marriott owners who have also deposited their weeks into Interval International. The amount of time the week is kept on hold depends on how far in advance it is deposited before week’s check in date. The longest amount of time a week will be held for Marriott priority booking is 24 days. This timeframe gets shorter the closer it is to the check-in date. The shortest amount of time a week is held is 3 days.

Needless to say, this extra priority booking window for Marriott Vacation Club owners can be extremely beneficial as during this time Marriott owners are essentially only competing against other Marriott owners who are also exchanging their weeks with Interval International. Be sure to keep in mind that:

  • The normal Marriott and Interval International exchange rules still apply.
  • Weeks in the priority hold can only be booked by Marriott owners exchanging their Marriott weeks. Owners cannot take advantage of this priority by exchanging non-Marriott weeks.

Using the Interval International exchange program is a huge benefit to most vacation club owners, but this extra priority booking window for Marriott owners makes owning a Marriott week much more attractive. For more information on how to exchange vacation weeks with Interval International, read our in depth article on How To Trade Weeks With Interval International For additional information regarding the Marriott and Interval International priority booking window or with any other questions regarding Marriott Vacation Club ownership contact a Selling Timeshares representative today.